Lunch Break

I took my lunch into the community garden behind the library and plunked into the grass, my back resting against a bed full of newborn greens. I stretched my feet out in the warm sun. I am still in awe that summer is here, still surprised every morning to be greeted with green rather than white, still marveling at the miracle of leaves twirling like ribbons on the tree branches above me. Continue reading


Hold the Morning

I’m just going to start typing. This week I have felt full of nothing but words that can’t get out and it hurts, each word pricking me like a pin as they try to find a way to leave. So I’m just going to open the floodgates and let them fall. School is almost over and the world is waking up with warmth and green. My soul is so full that it should be pouring out all over the place but I’m buried in a fort of books, stretched on the couch, reading five at a time because I can’t get enough. I sit in the kitchen sink with Cassandra Mortmain, then I march in a vigil with Anne Lamott. The evening stretches before me to go where I want- to have time is one of the best feelings in the world. Continue reading